In 1987, our parents Roger and Marsha Alldis established our family business, creating a space where one can find well crafted tables, benches and chairs, industrial lighting, antique French earthenware, old hotel silver, and stacks of vintage textiles made into unique cushions and slipcovers. 

We acquired our love for the find from our parents, be it in France or Brimfield, Massachusetts. Sounds like an incongruous mashup? In the context of that rustic red barn—with its original wood plank floors—it all comes together to exude a quiet yet sophisticated style. We can often be found spending the day shifting the entire shop around to make room for a set of oxblood-colored bistro chairs, or one of our dad's custom iron and zinc tables. 

Growing up in this way informed our own passion for style and design. Yet what inspires us most are the friendships our parents continue to forge with our customers, suppliers, and local artisans. To this day, our parents regard many of our clients as good family and friends and we are committed to preserving that heritage. 

Come celebrate our 31st year and discover our family's labor of love!

Gwynneth & Megan Alldis